Bryan City Council Gets Update On High Speed Rail Project

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BRYAN, Texas Imagine traveling across parts of Texas at 200 miles-an-hour on a rail line connecting the state's four major cities.

That could one day become a viable travel option for the thousands that live in the Brazos Valley.

It's a daily way to travel in places like Europe and Japan.

But the push for high speed rail in Texas is gaining momentum.

"I think I would be interested in it for both businesses and pleasure," said Chris Taylor.

Taylor commutes from Dallas to Downtown Bryan for work once a week and likes the idea of the Texas T-Bone High Speed Rail Line.

"I don't think there is a better place in the entire United States to have a high speed commuter line than between San Antonio and Dallas to include Austin," he said.

Tuesday afternoon the Bryan City Council was updated on an effort to include Bryan / College Station in a connecting line from Houston to Temple.

The trains would go 200 to even 225 miles an hour.

That's two to three times faster than what these freight trains go.

Matt Brasseaux is a consultant for Dean International and the Texas High Speed Rail and Transportation Corporation.

"Most folks looked at it as kind of a pipe dream. However this is a very, real dream for the state of Texas and the Japanese are very committed to bringing this alignment to Texas as well as TxDOT. It's all just a matter of the alignment," said Brasseaux.

The $15 billion to $20 billion project would be funded mostly by private investment from Japan and Brasseux says the line from DFW to San Antonio will be coming.

But the spur to Aggieland is still in question.

Bryan City Council Member Art Hughes still wants to know more.

"More and more we get involved in this were are going to have a better understanding of what it means to Bryan/ College Station and where it stands," said Art Hughes.

"Having grown up actually overseas I can say now with a family that a train is an activity as well. And I know that my kids would love a train," said Chris Taylor.

A train trip that would mean getting from Bryan / College Station to Dallas in an hour, or to Houston in less than 30 minutes.

The final route is expected to be decided within a year's time or maybe even sooner.

Another route includes a triangle option connecting Dallas with San Antonio and Houston.

But that route would not come through Bryan/College Station.

The rail corridor is expected to be built by 2025.

We're told train tickets would likely be in the $60 to $80 range.