Bryan Police Save Life of Man Attacked by Pit Bulls

BRYAN- Bryan police say two of their officers saved a man who was being attacked by pit bulls.

It happened Tuesday morning around 5:00 a.m. in the 3700 block of Old Kurten Road.

Officers Maldonado and Laughlin responded to reports of a man being attacked by two dogs and when they arrived the saw the 54-year-old man lying on the ground.

He had multiple lacerations to his body and face. Officers observed an arterial bleed on the man’s arm and applied a tourniquet as well as applying pressure bandages to other wounds.

The man was transported to St. Joseph Hospital.

The Emergency Room Doctor stated that the actions of Officer Steven Laughlin and Marcelo Maldonado directly contributed to saving the victim’s life.

If it was not for the tourniquet he would have succumbed to his injuries due to the extreme loss of blood.

All patrol vehicles are equipped with medical supplies including a tourniquet. All Officers are trained in emergency first aid to sustain patients until medical personnel arrive.

The dogs were taken into custody by Bryan Animal Center. At this time the investigation is being conducted by the Bryan Animal Center.