Bryan Police Grant a Wish for Make-A-Wish Child

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It's a day dreams are made of.

On his first day on the job, 5-year-old Juan Gomez officially became the youngest member of the Bryan Police Department.

He wore the badge with pride, took the first ceremonial pictures, and then it was time to hit the streets.

The folks at Bryan PD made the experience as real as possible for the kid whose only wish to the Make-A-Wish Foundation was to be a police officer.

"Our goal is to give kids who have a life threatening condition, hope, joy, and take their minds off their illness for a short period of time," said Rebecca Wendt.

Wendt not only serves and protects with BPD but she also helps grant those Make-A-Wish wishes.

"A lot of kids want to go to Disney World or they want to go to Europe or they want to go on a shopping spree. Juan just wanted to be a police officer for a day," said Wendt.

So Bryan police made it happen. Juan got to ride in the SWAT truck, go to the shooting range, attend police academy and even make an arrest.

"It touched my heart and I think it touched many peoples' hearts," said Wendt.

"I'm very thankful because he has leukemia and the police department helped him realize his dream of being a police officer," said Maricruz Gomez, Juan's mother.

Juan's parents came along for the ride during his day on the beat and his mother wouldn't hold Juan back from his dragnet dreams.

"No, I would encourage him to do it," said Maricruz.

Juan has jailed the biggest bad guy leukemia into remission but there's always a chance it could show back up. For now he's happy being one of Bryan's finest, a day he'll remember for a long, long time.

"It was very rewarding and it was nice to know that the little ones still look up to police officers and we got to make his wish come true," said Wendt.

"Muchas gracias," said Juan.

Since the Make-A-Wish Texas Gulf Coast & Louisiana region started in 1984, over 5,200 wishes have been granted including a chapter record of 439 wishes in 2011.