Bryan Rapper Getting Noticed For Song About B/CS

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Bryan native Garrett Crawford has a dream. For over 10 years he's been persuing his dream of becoming a rapper and thanks to his latest song, his music is getting out there.

Garrett or 'Big Hush' as he's called has created a rap dedicated to B/CS called "Welcome to the Presentation."

"I've got dreams like everybody else but it all starts right here at home," said Crawford.

In the song, Crawford raps about his experiences growing up in Bryan.

"I love rap music but I could never relate to the content. I'm middle class raised, I'm not from the streets, I'm not from the typical story you hear in rap music. I wanted to hear content that I could say yeah, I understand what he's talking about," said Crawford.

The song is even popular here at KBTX thanks to a line we can relate too. Big Hush claims in the song that he, "covers the city like his name is KBTX." But unlike our job, Crawford doesn't do what he loves full time. However, he does spend as much time as he can in front of the microphone.

"If I'm not at work earning a pay check, then I'm at home, working on this music," said Crawford.

"I've been wanting an anthem for around here so as soon as I heard it, I was like, this is awesome," said Elizabethany from Candy 95.

Elizabethany heard the song last week and already has it part of her show at least once a day.

"People love it! Anything that they can have on the radio about their town, they're going to want to hear. Everybody is saying it's way better than they could have ever expected," said Elizabethany.

"To know that my city is getting behind me is awesome. I mean that's all I've ever wanted it too. Just be the man in this town for just a little bit," said Crawford.

And whether Garrett is the man for a little bit or a long time, his goal is to showcase a music art form that doesn't get much street credit in B/CS.

"There is a lot of rap here, a lot of talent in Bryan/College Station and it's just a shame that people don't open their ears a little bit more and pay more attention to what is around here," said Crawford.