Bryan Woman Charged with Attempted Capital Murder

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*6 P.M. Update*

A murder for hire.

Investigators say a Bryan woman tried to hire someone to kill her husband so she could collect life insurance.

Except that someone was working undercover.

Now Brazos County Sheriff's Investigators have arrested 53-year-old Nancy Gelber in a murder for hire scheme.

Nancy Gelber is charged with solicitation to commit capital murder.

Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk tells us they were able to tip her husband Joseph Gelber last week that his wife might be trying to harm him.

"They were actually estranged. Living in the same house still but estranged and planning for divorce there were a lot of personal issues that she had that she felt like this was what she needed to do to resolve it," said Kirk.

A sheriff's investigator posed as a hit man Wednesday night to discuss the alleged plan with Nancy Gelber at a parking lot near the LaSalle Hotel; a short walk from where she lives.

"She promised $60,000 of the life insurance policy that they had and gave her wedding ring as a down payment for that murder," Kirk added.

According to the sheriff's report Nancy Gelber gave the undercover investigator the address to her home on South Parker Avenue and allegedly told him to kill her husband quickly and make it look like an accident.

She was taken into custody early Friday morning at an acquaintance's home at the Grove Apartments in Bryan, without incident.

"She was very surprised and in complete denial," said Sheriff Kirk.

Kirk tells us they are not anticipating any other arrests in this bizarre case and won't reveal how investigators first learned of the plot.

Nancy Gelber remains in the Brazos County Jail on $75,000 bond.

The Sheriff's Department believes the total life insurance policy was valued at $180,000.

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A 53-year-old Bryan woman has been arrested and charged with attempted capital murder.

Early Friday morning, Brazos County Sheriff's Investigators arrested 53 year old Nancy Mancusco Gelber on a warrant for trying to kill her 54 year old husband.

On December 7th, authorities with the Brazos County Sheriff's Office received information that Nancy Gelber was trying to hire someone to kill her husband, Joseph Richard Gelber, Jr.

An undercover sheriff's investigator posed as a "hit-man" and made phone contact with Gelber.

Gelber discussed her interest to have her husband killed and offered to give a ring as down-payment and to pay $60,000 after the life insurance was collected.

That same day, Gelber met with the investigator and gave him her gold & diamond wedding ring set and agreed to pay $60,000 cash when the insurance paid off within 60 days.

Gelber stated that she wanted it to look like an "accident".

The Investigator asked for a photo of her husband.

After making the agreement, Gelber left the meeting and returned 10 minutes later with two photo ID's which she gave to the Investigator for positive identification of her husband.

Sheriff's Investigators obtained a warrant and at 2AM Friday morning, Nancy Mancusco Gelber was arrested without incident at the Grove Apartments in Bryan.

Gelber is charged with attempted Capital Murder, which is a 1st Degree Felony.

Her bond is set at $75,000 for Solicitation To Commit Capital Murder.