CSISD Mulls Changing School Start Times for Fall 2012

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Cutting costs in College Station ISD could soon cost parents and students more of their time in the morning.

News 3 has reaction to a proposal to move high school start times to 7:25 A.M. as the district considers consolidating bus routes.

Starting next fall Larry Carlisle's 5-year-old granddaughter will be starting kindergarten in College Station.

College Station I.S.D. is considering new start times next fall moving elementary times to 8:05, intermediate and middle schools to 8:45 and the two high schools to 7:25 A.M.; almost an hour earlier than when high schoolers start now.

"It's also going to take away from the high school kids the ability to take their younger siblings to school so I don't feel that it's in the best interest to change them at this time unless they can show proof that it's going to be beneficial to all parties," said Larry Carlisle of Arlington.

College Station ISD estimates changing school start times would save the district around $200,000 a year but it would also save them an estimated $1.1 million over three years, because they wouldn't have to purchase new school buses as they open the new College Station High School.

With this proposal the district would be able to use less buses and eliminate some routes.

A&M Consolidated Junior Jake Leach thinks it could work even though it would be an adjustment.

"Groggy yeah, I feel like it'd slow me down a little bit but once you're up there it wouldn't be too bad so I'm all pro for it. I guess I'd like to get out early and what not," Leah said.

Superintendent Eddie Coulson tells us it's one of a number of considerations the district faces as they deal with a projected $4.5 million budget deficit next year.

"When you reduce the amount of routes you have you reduce the amount of personnel cost you have. You reduce the maintenance on the buses," said Eddie Coulson, Ed.D.

"We're all for saving money but unfortunately I feel that all they're going to do now is shift the burden from the school district back on to the parents," said Larry Carlisle.

A burden or a benefit; depending on who you ask.

The school board is expected to make a decision on next year's schedule by December.

The next school board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 15 at 7:00 P.M. in the Board Room located at 1812 Welsh Avenue in College Station.