CS City Council Votes to Annex Wellborn

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The community of Wellborn is now part of College Station.

The College Station City Council voted 5-2 Thursday night to annex 649 acres in Wellborn.

Wellborn residents have fought the proposal for months and last year asked College Station for permission to vote on incorporation.

Councilmembers Jess Fields and Jana McMillan were the only two members not to vote in favor of annexation.

"When the City of College Station residents find out what it's gonna cost to get city services out to Wellborn I think we're gonna find a lot of the citizens of College Station would rather not annex Wellborn," said Mike McCleary, a Wellborn resident and Brazos County Justice of the Peace for Precinct 1.

"It is either naivete, demagoguery, or both for anyone who is elected to look after the best interest of the 93,000 College Station residents to vote to allow a competing city set up shop south of College Station," said Dennis Maloney, a College Station City Councilmember.

Now that Wellborn is being annexed some city services begin now; including, police, fire, and sanitation services.

We're told that annexation begins immediately and that will allow residents there to also vote in the May elections.