Calvert Police Department Says, "I Quit!"

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*10 P.M. Monday Update*

Tempers flared in Calvert Monday night after all three members of the police force unexpectedly quit their jobs late Friday night.

It's still unclear why the Calvert Police force quit on Friday but during Monday night's meeting the city council as well as Robertson County Sheriff's Gerald Yezak offered assurances that the people of Calvert will receive law enforcement, while the search begins to find new staff at the police department.

Residents that spoke with News 3 said this is one of many issues in the town to finally reach a boiling point.

Tension permeated through Calvert Monday night at the City Council Meeting.

"The issues with the police department this time are only a beginning, they're just a series of multiple things over the last ten years that have happened and we as merchants are really, really tired of having no support," said Karol Allen has owned the Wooden Spoon business for ten years.

Allen said there is a lot of mistrust between much of the public there and the city council.

She and more than 60 others attended the meeting at the Calvert Volunteer Fire Department in search of answers after all three members of the police department quit Friday.

She casts blame on the council.

"They just don't want to work, they don't want to cooperate," Allen claimed.

"We are providing law enforcement services to the citizens of Calvert and we will continue to do so as long as needed," said Sheriff Gerald Yezak of Robertson County.

During the meeting Robertson County Sheriff Gerald Yezak spoke to the crowd with assurances that his department as well as the local constable there will provide protection in the mean time. When asked by residents on more particulars he said his department has 12 deputies and they cover 870 square miles in the county.

Franklin, the County Seat is about 11 miles away.

"Well the patrol deputies, they are going to be around in the county in different areas and I can't say they are exactly going to come from Franklin on every call so we're just going to see how it goes," Sheriff Yezak said.

"I know it's upsetting when a police department quits but I think we'll get better ones, we're gonna interview, like I said we've had over 40 to 50 applications for the job already and we're gonna get started on that very quickly," said Calvert Mayor Marcus Greaves.

Mayor Greaves said he's unaware why Chief Terry Kuhn and the other two officers resigned.

One recent issue of contention concerned extra holiday pay even though the police are on straight salary and only get paid for days they work.

"I didn't try to get him to stay or what have you because it was that late and they had made up their mind and I wished him good luck and they went on their way," Greaves said.

"We need a new council, we need people in there that believe in Calvert, that believe in the fact that we can get things done," said Karol Allen.

Calvert Mayor Marcus Greaves said he hopes to have a new Police Department in place by January and also said the city would, "Try to do a better job."

Our phone calls to Terry Kuhn, the former chief of police, have not been returned.

He served as the head of Calvert's Police Department for less than a year and is a 20-year-veteran of law enforcement

As of 5:45pm:
*Update* KBTX News 3 has a crew on scene. We will have updates at 6pm and 10pm.

*Update* Residents of Calvert will hear from city officials Monday afternoon about not having a police force.

A Townhall meeting will be held at city hall at 5pm.

Earlier in the day, business and home owners told News 3 they were in fear of not having a police department and have resorted to carrying guns in order to protect themselves.


"The common criminal knows that the police department is done at 2 p.m."

Which doesn't leave any assurance for business owners like Sandra Hulsey. She owns CowBoy Up--one of the oldest mom and pop shops in Calvert, but lately says crime is on the rise.

"There was seven burglaries the same week that we were broken into twice."

But just before midnight Friday, Calvert Mayor Marcus Greaves says he got an unexpected call. He received a resignation letter from the entire Calvert police force. Two officers and the chief of police--all calling it quits.

"Every city has police officers quitting, just not all in the same day," says Greaves. "I did not see it coming, not the resignation."

With Christmas around the corner and no local law enforcement agency to turn to many Calvert residents and business owners are wondering what may happen next."

"What was my response? To spend a night in the building with a weapon," says Hulsey.

Fear is in the air now in Calvert. "I don't feel protected, I'm afraid I'm going to have to sell and close down the shop," Hulsey says.

Not to mention unanswered questions. "I don't know if they were all unhappy or if they were unhappy with their pay, but when they got hired on, they knew how much they were going to make," says Greaves. "I also had my doubts as far as whether or not they were doing the job they were supposed to be doing too."

"The city hired the police department and as a citizen and a taxpayer I feel they are letting their citizens down," says Hulsey.

Hulsey says with her livelihood on the line, she knows one thing remains, "There is a problem somewhere and it needs to be fixed."

Mayor Greaves says the city council will hold an executive session to discuss the Calvert Police Department's performance on Monday.