Cat Case Not Presented to Grand Jury Wednesday

A small group of protesters gathered Wednesday (April 29) outside the Austin County Courthouse.
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BELLVILLE - A small but vocal group of animal lovers gathered in Bellville Wednesday asking for justice for Tiger.

He's the cat allegedly killed with a bow and arrow by a Brenham Veterinarian who bragged about it on Facebook, and then got fired for it.

News 3 visited with protestors and looks into the latest on the case.

Protestors spread messages outside the Austin County Courthouse in memory of a cat whose death went viral.

Tiger is believed to have been killed earlier this month by Kristen Lindsey, a veterinarian who was fired from the Washington Animal Clinic in Brenham earlier this month after bragging on Facebook and posting a photo of it.

Sharon Kolenda is a Veterinary Technician with South Central Veterinary Services in Navasota and helped organize the protest, which ended up being four people.

"It's our calling and we're here to protect and serve animals and to our best of our ability and anything less is not acceptable at all and what she did was horrible, horrible," said Kolenda.

While the grand jury is meeting Wednesday the District Attorney tells us they are not looking at Kristen Lindsey's case yet as it is still under investigation. It will be presented at a later date.

Ruby Burney lives north of Bryan. She was disturbed when she first saw the photo of the cat with an arrow through its head.

"I don't get it you're a vet, you are supposed to care you're supposed to love, you're supposed to heal, you're supposed to help," said Burney.

Courtney Robertson came from six hours away in South Texas. She's a blogger and citizen journalist who came to talk to the protestors, and she's concerned about threats made against Dr. Lindsey.

"The people who threaten her don't speak for the majority of the people who are fighting for justice for Tiger," Robertson said.

James Mobley of Kingwood was in Bellville for work and came to show support. His daugther's animals were treated by Dr. Lindsey in Brenham.

"She said she was a very good vet but I guess with this incident she just used some bad judgment," he said.

As protestors make their case, a prosecutor's presentation and a grand jury will have the ultimate say on any animal cruelty charges.

A date has not been set for the grand jury to review the case.

The Austin County's District Attorney's Office tells us they will meet again in May and June.

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The case involving a veterinarian who bragged about killing a cat with a bow and arrow will not be presented to the Austin County Grand Jury which convened today.

“The Austin County District Attorney's office is currently in the process of gathering all available evidence and information to present to the Grand Jury, just as it does in all cases.”

A small group of protesters has gathered outside the Austin County Courthouse. They’re holding signs that say “Justice For Tiger,” the cat believed to have been killed by Kristen Lindsey.

Lindsey was fired by a Brenham vet clinic after the picture was posted on Facebook. The State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners has received numerous complaints about Lindsey since the incident.