Caught On Camera: Man Steals FedEx Package From Bryan Home

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BRYAN - UPDATE (May 29): Bryan police say they have arrested the man who was caught on camera stealing a Fed Ex package off a couple's front porch.

Andres Hammond, 36 of College Station, is charged with theft <$1500 with two or more prior convictions. Hammond was also wanted on six additional warrants.

May 23
A Bryan couple is hoping to catch a crook who stole a FedEx package from their front porch.

The crime was caught on camera.

Teresa Luck and her partner are hoping you can end a run of bad luck.

Their week hit a sour note Thursday about two hours after FedEx delivered this package to their home in the Wheeler Ridge subdivision in Bryan along Brighton Drive.

Take a look, an SUV pulls into their driveway

"Just backed up like they belonged here. Gentleman comes out the back of the car, grabs the package, puts it in the car and they leave," explained Teresa Luck of Bryan.

Inside that package, a Sony boombox

Teresa Luck doesn't know if the man was oblivious to the cameras or saw them at all, but she's hoping the police will be able to help them get their boombox back.

The surveillance cameras captured clear, color video; so clear that you can see from the license plate that the getaway car belongs to an animal lover.

But it turns out the car is was recently sold and is still registered to the previous owner

"It did take time out of our investigation to track down that owner to find out you know who they transferred that to. So I do want to take that time to remind people that if you do sell a vehicle make sure that that title gets transferred," said Officer Kelley McKethan with the Bryan Police Department.

You can also see there's a little girl in the back seat when the crime is committed.

She leans out the the passenger door as the thief makes his move.

Teresa has shown the video to police

"We believe we have identified the suspect. We have a couple of loose ends to tie up," said McKethan.

Luck is taking steps to make sure this can't happen again.

"I personally have a post office box that we are going to start sending all our packages to going forward, because at this point we don't feel safe having packages delivered here anymore," said Luck.

Even though the boombox is worth less than $100, Teresa says they plan to prosecute the man if he's caught.

The couple plans to add a fourth camera outside their house.

They installed the system last fall after noticing some suspicious activity in their neighborhood.