College Station Considering Annexing Land Near Wellborn

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COLLEGE STATION - College Station is considering annexing more land, this time southwest of town near Wellborn.

As you might imagine the idea doesn't sit well with some homeowners who are currently outside the city limits.

The Estates of Royder Ridge is country living convenient to College Station, but it could soon become College Station. The city is considering annexing these 37 homes and a handful of others off Greens Prairie Trail including Crossroad Woods.

"I'd kind of rather keep things the way they are, things are going pretty good," said Jon Blalock, who has lived in Royder Ridge for 2 1/2 years.

"Well kind of the reason we bought out here because it was outside the city limits and we'd get a better break in taxes and we got to build a little, buy a bigger house for the payment," he said.

Lance Simms, the Director of Planning and Development for College Station, says this latest look at annexation started about a month ago when a landowner asked to have 70 acres of land annexed for a new development. As many as 200 homes could be built on the property.

"You know I think for sure the yes is on the 70 acres and then the question mark is what do we do with this additional area?," said Simms.

"We're really early on in the process. No decision has been made. We're just exploring these different options," said Simms.

While the 70 acres being requested for annexation are right here the city limits for College Station end right here across the street at Royder Road.

Some residents say they wouldn't be opposed to annexation if they could tie into a new sewer line being built not too far up the road.

Mike Wilson, the HOA Director for the Estates of Royder Ridge, is concerned they would pay for city services for several years, before getting access to things like sewer service and fire hydrants.

The city scheduled a meeting for October 6th at Greens Prairie Elementary to tell homeowners about services the city would provide, things like police, fire, garbage and sanitation.

The City Council will ultimately decide if any new areas will be annexed or not.

That's not expected to happen until early next year.

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