College Station Touts Status as Second-Fastest Growing US City

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College Station is getting some national recognition, after being named the second fastest growing city in the nation. Bryan also ranked high on the list.

There's not much downtime at the Oldham-Goodwin group these days.

Clint Oldham, Director of Brokerage Services, says, "Much busier, in the last 12 months especially."

Hunter Goodwin, President and COO, says, "To be in the real estate business in College Station right now, it's definitely a robust market for sure."

So, they weren't shocked to see College Station high atop Nerd Wallet's fastest growing cities list.

Goodwin adds, "We're in hyper development growth right now."

The financial investment website looked at working age population, how many new people are entering the work force and median income.

College Station isn't the only area city on the fastest growing list. You'll also find Bryan on there, and when you look at the most recent growth numbers for Brazos County, it's not surprising.

Oldham says, "We've gone from about 24% office vacancy over the past two years to about 12%, so that's a pretty big shift."

The question is - why are we growing so quickly?

Goodwin says, "Texas A&M had such a great story institutionally, academically, and athletically but it was under-served and had not been told outside the geographic borders of College Station. With the joining of the SEC and the success early on in the SEC, I think it's really put us on the map. "

That means more big industries are setting up shop in the Brazos Valley.

Oldham says, "Lots of oil field service companies are now here. Lots of oil field operators. They all have a large number of employees and they've all got a real estate requirement."

Bryan/College Station Chamber of Commerce President Royce Hickman says, "I think what's going on in the biocorridor will certainly drive the future growth of our community. and we're already starting to see the impact of that."

Goodwin says, "Our gross population hitting all the way up to the 230,000 number has made us relevant in the eyes of a lot of national retailers."

Many we spoke with told us they're happy that even though the landscape may be changing, the heart of the people who live here isn't.

Hickman says, "The thing I'm so proud of us that even though we're seeing growth we still maintain that small town atmosphere. that spirit of caring and volunteerism that has made us so great."

The only city to rank higher than College Station on Nerd Wallet's list is Boulder, Colorado.