Cops: Navasota Man Arrested After He Stole Wedding Rings

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COLLEGE STATION - It was a supposed to be a straight-forward selling of some wedding rings that ended up being a robbery.

Jamarious Jockeith Scott, 25, of Navasota, is facing theft charges after police say he agreed to meet a man online and buy some wedding rings. Officers say, when the two men met Monday evening off Central Park Lane in College Station, Scott asked to see the rings then took off running. The man selling the rings took off running and called 9-1-1. According to the arrest report, the man chased Scott through Wolf Penn Creek Park then lost him near Post Oak Mall.

Search dogs with CSPD were called in and Scott was detained a short time later. Scott claims he was being chased by a stranger trying to kill him and knew nothing about the alleged crime. He was arrested and charged with Theft from a Person.

Jamarious Jockeith Scott, 25, arrested Monday after allegedly stealing two wedding rings from a man he agreed to meet and buy them from in College Station.