Donate Here, Donate Where? Where are Your Donations Actually Going

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BRYAN/COLLEGE STATION - If you blink you'll miss them, blue donation boxes scattered throughout Bryan/College Station urge you to donate clothes, shoes and other items.

But once you drop it in the bin, where is it actually going?

News 3's Noelle Bellow found out where your stuff really goes, and if you want it stay local, what avenues you can use.

"Just me and all of my friends, we go through a lot of clothes and its nice to know you can donate it rather than throwing it away," said 21 year old Alexandria Vela.

She says donating old clothes helps her make room in her closet, but also allows her to give back.

"It's so easy, so convenient," said Vela.

She's never donated to the blue bin that sits at the convenience store near her home, but she assumed it was for a locally run charity.

In actuality, these donation boxe help Arms of Hope, an organization in San Antonio that helps kids and single-mother families.

Vela said, "It doesn't make a lot of sense to me to have a donation box so close to your home and then you turn around and realize it doesn't go to the community that you think you're donating to."

Donations dropped at the large box outside Post Oak mall don't stay local either, they're instead shipped throughout the country to benefit the Green Education Foundation.

Though donating to anyone in need is helpful, giving back locally has a special meaning.

"I think it's nice that if you notice something around you that you try and give back to the community that you came from," said Vela.

Ron Crozier from Twin City Mission feels the same.

"We have a really big push trying to convince people to look inside before you go outside. Take care of each other before you start trying to take care of others," explained Crozier.

Twin City Mission has been around for 50 years, lending a hand through their local outreach programs.

Crozier said, "We belong to nobody else, we were formed by local people to help local people. Our thought is if it has worked for you, it can work for others."

If you donate to a local goodwill -- those donations stay in whatever store you drop them off in, and all funds there are used to pay local employees.