Entrepreneurship is on the Rise in the Brazos Valley

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Seed Sumo is a business accelerator helping start-up companies reach their goals. More than a thousand start-ups applied for their help. Right now, they're working with what they think are the eight best.

Steve Tinkle with Seed Sumo, says, "Our goal is to really refine the business model and get them ready where they have the funding that they need so that they can succeed."

Over the years, Bryan/College Station has been overlooked by start up companies, but it might just be the perfect location.

"It's geographically in the center if you go to Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston and you draw a little triangle between those three cities. There is 21 million people in that Texas triangle" says Tinkle.

Plus, there's strong investor support out of Texas A&M and a highly educated work force to help these entrepreneurs succeed.

"There is a lot of mentors and people that run great businesses right here in town and those are great resources to help pour into and grow some of these businesses" says Tinkle.

Across town there is another business opening its doors to the booming community of entrepreneurs.

John Jordan with Hub Collaborative, says, "We wanted to also be an avenue and a place where those businesses, once they are birthed out of their start up incubator could come and continue their process of building their business."

Rather than heading to bigger cities, Hub Collaborative offers a space for companies to work on a month to month basis.

"We are responding to a need that we see that can help small businesses in transition, start ups or existing businesses that want a low cost professional environment without a long term commitment" says Jordan.

An environment the encourages growth without pulling up roots out of our area.