Expansion in South College Station

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New restaurants and developments are pouring into the city of College Station.

Location, location, location. It was on developers minds when construction began at CapRock Crossing in south College Station.

President of CapRock Texas, Jesse Durden, says, "We are at the center of the funnel when you look at Highway 40, Greens Prairie, and Old Arrington road."

Their economic driver of this new development is College Station Independent School district.

"People are super confident to bring their families here to put their kids in these schools," says Durden.

CapRock crossing developers say they began with about 100 acres of land, but now they're saying they only have about 8 acres left to fill. However they are still encouraging anyone interest in building to contact them.

Durden says, "Much of what is green out here is actually already sold and in some stage of planning and getting ready to start building really it's absorbed very very quickly."

Tea2Go recently opened their doors. They're looking forward to serving new traffic pouring into the area.

The General Manager, Michael Martinez, says, "William D. Fitch is the new university, it's going to be as heavy in traffic as that. When you drive down university there's many businesses down that road and I think it's going to be the same way here too."

Other businesses to look forward to:

"Zaxby's will be between caprock ER and walgreens. The Brazillian steakhouse is just to the east of Wright Dental, Blue Baker is at the southeast corner of arrington road and greens prairie and again, several pad sites are left along hwy 6 and 4 or 5 along highway 40 that we are negotiating with restaurants on right now."

Adding new sites to the ever-changing landscape on the south side.

A timeline hasn't been set for completion on these buildings, but they're hoping it will be close to full completion within the next three years.