FTS International Closes "Bryan Plant," Lays Off Approximately 200

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BRYAN - 200 energy workers are without a job Wednesday night.

It's the latest loss in a downturn of drilling in the area due to low oil and gas prices.

News 3 was at FTS International's yard as workers learned their fate.

All workers at the facility just south of Hearne are being let go and the yard will close.

It's another sign of a slowdown in the energy business.

FTS International does hydraulic fracturing and the company says they are having to downsize their workforce.

A long line of cars and frustrated faces lined the FTS International facility off Highway 6 just south of Hearne.

After learning all 200 workers had lost their jobs, the now former employees waited for a special meeting.

Jarell Jenkins of College Station had been with the company for two years.

"You spend more time with these guys than you do your own family out in the oil field, so I know I wont' miss that, but I know with the CDL and Hazmat I'll be able to find a job easy," Jenkins said.

FTS International tells us they are shutting down this yard because of a lack of business in the Bryan area. Former employees tell us this is one of the downsides of working in the energy business.

Former Equipment Operator Darvin Gray knew this day might come.

"You've always gotta try to be prepared because something like this it's just without warning and they didn't let us know. They didn't tell us anything we was laying off or shutting down. It just came out of the blue. We had work they gave it to another yard," Gray said.

"You know my family and I, we've been preparing for this for six months since oil started taking a hit," said James Hunter.

Hunter was the FTS International District Manager until Wednesday morning.

"My wife when I told her last night she started looking around and seeing where we can go. We both went to school here at A&M. We both love it here, we'd love to stay here," he said.

Employees we spoke with say they are getting severance including things like having insurance until the end of the month.

Last month the company cut just under 40 positions from an operations facility in Longview.

FTS international has around 4,000 employees and is based in Fort Worth.

Last week, we told you Baker Hughes closed up shop in Bryan.

54 employees lost their jobs with the oil services company as a result.

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FTS International has closed its Bryan facility (located in Robertson County) and laid off 200 workers.

The company says both moves were necessary after the company lost "a significant amount of work in the Bryan area."

Former employees tell us word of the closure started spreading early this morning. They also say this is one of the downsides of working in the oil industry where things can go bust quickly.

"You've always got to try to be prepared, because something like this it's just without warning," said Darvin Gray who was laid off Wednesday. "They didn't tell us we (were) laying off or shutting down. It just came out of the blue."

Workers coming out of a meeting with company officials tell us workers with more than a year of employment will get a severance package.

According to FTS International's website, it is the largest private well completion company in North America. The company provides well completion services, including pressure pumping, wireline and reservoir optimization technologies.

Last week, Baker Hughes, one of the world's largest oilfield services companies, closed its Bryan plant and laid off 54 workers.

"On April 8, 2015, FTS International (FTSI) closed our Bryan, Texas facility because we recently lost a significant amount of work in the Bryan area. Unfortunately, the closure impacted approximately 200 employees at the facility.

Although this closure affects a small percentage of our total workforce of approximately 4,000 employees, we do regret that current circumstances have resulted in this impact on our people."

Workers lined up outside the plant Wednesday morning, waiting to meet with company officials to get official word about the layoffs and what, if any, severance packages were being offered.