Facing Your Fears: Ghosts

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Calvert - It looks like something straight out of a Hollywood horror movie., but it's a very real scene in Calvert.

Casey Unger with the TFC Paranormal Research Team says, "It's a family plot of a family named Orviss. Louisa Bush Orviss and D.A. Orviss. They are buried in there, but there are also two unexplained children's coffins in there too. I think his spirit is wandering around out here."

Unger doesn't know exactly why that is, but she has a pretty good idea.
"The vault was broken into, the bones were stolen. when you have any sort of disturbance at a final resting place, it tends to increase your paranormal activity."

Casey and her team have the evidence to prove it.
"We got really bizarre photographs."

But that's not all.
"I was asking the spirits to respond and it clearly said the children left."

That's enough to send chills down your spine, so before I joined them on this ghost hunting journey, I needed some words of wisdom from the team about how to prepare myself.

Unger says, "Working in the psychiatric field i can truly tell you it's the living who are more destructive."

Brandon Poacker, also with TFC Paranormal Research, says, "usually when it comes to spirits, they're not looking to hurt you, they're just looking to get you away from them."

Armed with that advice, along with my official ghost hunter hat, and a good luck charm courtesy of one of the ghost hunters himself, against her better judgment, Kristen embarked on her ghost hunting journey with the team.

Unger says, "It tends to get pretty wild out here at dusk, so we'll see.">

The didn't get any visual evidence on camera of the young ghost, but their presence was definitely felt.

One of the team members said they felt something brush against their arm, and then what felt like a little hand grab his little finger, something Unger says happen quite frequently at the Calvert site, but only to people who have children.

Unger says, "There's a lot of typhoid, yellow fever deaths. and I think whatever it is, it's looking for it's parents."

They spend most of their hunt trying to speak with these lost souls...
Unger says, " I walk around out here, I ask them what their name is, how old they are, stuff like that."

It's the kind of thing Unger lives for.

"I guess you would say it's kind of an adrenaline rush."

As for Kristen, well, not so much.
"Is it bad that i don't want them to answer?"

While they seem cool, calm and collected., even these experienced paranormal professionals get a little shaken up out here every now and then.

Unger says "we've seen shadow figures out here. we thought there were people out here and there weren't. that's a little sobering."

To help things from getting to be too much to handle, they occasionally throw in some humor when chatting with the other side.

Unger says, "It's not kindly for a southern gentleman to ignore a lady."

As for Kristen, she says "I for one am glad they decided to ignore this lady, choosing not to communicate with me directly. But nonetheless, I can say I did it. I faced my fear. I went ghost hunting and I survived. I may never sleep again, but at least I survived."