Fire Dept. Looks for New Volunteers with Out-of-the-Box Recruiting Tactic

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A local volunteer fire department is looking for a few good men and women, and they've got a pretty good recruiting incentive - a free place to live.

It's wildfire season and volunteers are hard to come by.

The Brazos County Precinct 4 Department believes this could help them beef up staff at a critical time.

Precinct Four Chief Joe Ondrasek came up with the newest plan - if you sign up to be a volunteer fire fighter, provided there's space, they'll give you a place to live for free.

It's mutually beneficial, since the ire department needs volunteers and college students need to save money.

It's a very popular program. There are seven dorms and all seven are consistently full.

In return for the rent-free living, the volunteers have to help clean and do work around the station.

If you're interested in being a volunteer with Precinct 4, their contact information is listed here: