Fired Kyle Field Construction Worker Posts Disturbing Comments On Facebook

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COLLEGE STATION- We're learning more about the construction worker who says he was fired for placing a University of Alabama flag on Kyle Field last Saturday.

Bobby Livingston posted a number of comments on his Facebook page that question the safety of the renovation work he says he performed at Kyle, including welding. But a third party inspector insists there is no cause for concern.

The picture of the University of Alabama flag flying over Kyle Field went viral Monday. Alabama native Bobby Livingston posted on his Facebook page that he was fired for putting the flag there, but it's posts prior to the flag incident that might get him in more hot water.

On February 28th, Livingston posted a picture of himself in a University of Alabama shirt with the title " Daddy's in College Station, " followed by the posts "I'm gonna get 'em buddy." and "This stadium will never be ready for this season. I'm putting iron in backwards and wrong holing- everything."

The post was followed by a number of pictures and videos of Livingston at the Kyle Field renovation site. Livingston then posted on April 6th, "If you ever attend a Texas A&M football game, don't sit at the Northeast End Zone. It was raining today and I made two very 'questionable' welds."

News 3 has reached out to Livingston several times to find out exactly what he meant by all these posts, but he has yet to respond to our request for an interview. Again, News 3 can't substantiate any of Livingston's construction claims.

Texas A&M spokesperson Steve Moore says A&M officials were not aware of Livingston's Facebook posts until News 3 brought them to their attention today.

Raba Kistner Engineering, the inspector for the Kyle Field renovation, has issued a statement saying:

"All steel fabrication has been observed and critical welds tested/verified at the plants by the third party firm, Raba Kistner Engineering. Once delivered to the site, field welds, moment connections, and bolt torquing are tested/verified in accordance to building code and engineering specification by the third party inspectors. Structural engineers of record review the inspection reports as well as conduct site observation/review of the in place steel."

- Paul Hawryluk, PE. Raba Kistner