First Female Corps Commander at Texas A&M Speaks About Her Journey

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Alyssa Michalke was named the first female Corps Commander at Texas A&M in February, and is now leading one of the largest corps in more than 40 years.

Michalke says, "It's a great opportunity and it's definitely an opportunity for me to grow as a leader and continue to grow and make myself into a better Aggie, a better future employee too."

With the new school year underway, Michalke is still trying to grasp the journey she has made.

"It's still surreal knowing that just three years ago I was walking around as a nervous, anxious freshman and now I am walking around wearing boots and leading this great organization," says Michalke.

Generations of Aggies were in attendance to hear her story and reflect on the milestone.

Merrill Bonarrigo with Aggie Women Organization, says, "It is like the dream for every Aggie woman that attended A&M. I was class of 75, there were not very many women there at that time."

Michalke gives all the credit to the women that came before her and the obstacles they overcame.

This year, 15 percent of cadets are women, the biggest percentage ever, and the Corps continues to work to raise that number even more.