FitBit Products: The Latest Craze in Physical Fitness

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COLLEGE STATION - There's a new 21st century pedometer-type device on the market designed to get you up and moving on a steady track to a healthier lifestyle. It's called FitBit.

The lightweight fitness band monitors your activity day and night from the number of steps you take to the calories burned. Robert Blakely has been using the tracker for the last three months. ""It also tracks your sleep and how well you sleep at night, how much water you're drinking, and uh how many stairs you've climb, how many active minutes you've used during the day. It's a little band of guilt because it holds you accountable, your behavior accountable for food you're eating and the amount of exercise you're getting.

After downloading the App to your smartphone or digital device, you set your goals, then the tracker syncs to your smartphone to monitor your progress. It's also detects vigorous activity versus slower paced motion.

After Blakely was being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and weighing nearly 200 pounds last September, he sought help from Trevor Carney, the owner of Innovative Fitness in College Station who introduced him to FitBit. Carney says, "I love that technology now can hold you more accountable because there's really no way you can beat the system. Every client I train, I have them on a fit bit. They love the information that they've gotten. Husbands and wives are competitive with it."

Roberts's wife Patti and their daughter are also on Fitibit. Patti says she likes the Fitbit tracker for other reasons. She says she's not as competitive as her husband and daughter who participate in weekend challenges which force them to go the extra mile. "I like it mostly for tracking water because I've never been a water drinker. It has a little body and it fills up and you can see when you have all your water for the day."

Like any new piece of technology, Carney says the FitBit has some glitches. "It's logging too many steps or it got wet and got water in it and it's no longer working."

Now down 20 pounds, Blakely says he's looking forward to spending another 40 years with his wife. "I think the realization of the danger to longevity in life is what pushed it. It's all about health."

There are a number of different FitBit products that range from $60 to $250. The App is free to download, and you use it without purchasing any of the Fitbit products.