Flames Rip Through 100 Acres, 1 Building Destroyed in West Brazos County

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"We had about 100 acres burn today,” says Fire Chief Joe Ondrasek, Brazos County Precinct 4.

Acre upon acre of smoldering smoke and red hot flames--spreading quickly while threatening more than a handful of homes in west Brazos County.

"Apparently some welders were doing some work on the adjacent property and that started the fire," says Ondrasek.

Heavy winds continued reigniting the embers which was not ruling in favor for firefighters.

"It took us three hours to finally get the fire under control," says Ondrasek.

Fire crews from across the Brazos Valley were called to the scene around 3:45 Sunday afternoon and did not leave the scene until eight Sunday evening. More than five homes were threatened and firefighters say one home was lost. However, it was later learned the structure that went up in flames was not a home, rather a large shed.

"We know this is why people shouldn't be burning, we know this is why you should be safer when you’re working outside with welding equipment, but that didn't happen today," Ondrasek says.

It’s a situation that could have ended much worse, but first and foremost, Fire Chief Ondrasek says could have easily been prevented.

"This fire should not have happened today, if there were a lot more caution and care taken by the folks working out here today, these folks wouldn't have lost their home today,” Ondrasek says.

No injuries are being reported. The fire chief says firefighters even tried requesting help from the state, but were told those resources were not available.

Brazos County is not currently under a burn ban. Although firefighters say this was not the result of a controlled burn--they do urge residents to use extra caution when deciding to start a controlled burn.

If you live outside city limits--there are some rules for controlled burns. To name a few:

-You must notify dispatchers before starting the fire--so they can log your location and other information.

-The wind speed must be between 6 and 22 miles per hour.

-The fire has to be out before dark and it must be at least 300 feet away from any structures.

See the link below this story to learn more about controlled burning.