Florida Man Arrested In Bryan For Killing Daughter

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A convicted sex offender living in Bryan is arrested for killing his own daughter after she was injured at their Florida home in 2011.

News 3 looked into Shawn Baxter's record, and discovered why it's left a neighborhood here shaken.

30-year-old Shawn Baxter was arrested by Bryan Detectives Wednesday at his home on Tatum Street in Bryan for a deadly attack a thousand miles away.

He's charged with the first degree murder of his own two-month-old daughter Katie Baxter. She was found with severe blunt force trauma to the head at their Spring Hill, Florida home this past December.

"That's shocking," said Christina Kocman, of Bryan when we told her her neighbor was arrested for murder.

Neighbors like Christina Kocman didn't know he was a registered sex offender from Florida.

"We have a lot of kids in this neighborhood. Look we have babies all the way up to 16, 17-years-old over here. It's kind of scary," she added.

Neighbors tell us Baxter had been living at a house with his mom for the past several months and they'd see him from time to time out in the driveway.

While he's not facing any charges here, Baxter has two separate convictions, including lewd exhibition with a minor in 2000 and sexual battery of a minor in 2005. Those were in the city of Manatee in southwest Florida. He was also convicted of failing to register as a sex offender there in 2006.

Baxter had not faced formal charges for killing his daughter until this week.

"She had extreme injuries to her head and she died either that day or shortly thereafter and we began our investigation. We had to get the confirmation from the medical examiner's office to determine that this was a homicide," said Kevin Doll, Public Information Director with the Pasco County, Florida Sheriff's Office.

Doll says the case is being reviewed by a grand jury there.

"We'll see if he tries to fight extradition from Texas. If that happens we'll have to get a governor's warrant to get him back here to Florida but we will bring him back here for trial," Doll added.

"I guess I need to watch my neighborhood a little better than what I am," said Kocman.

But now, Shawn Baxter is off these streets. He remains behind bars in the Brazos County Jail without bond.

Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk tell us Baxter was in compliance as a registered sex offender here in Bryan.

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A sex offender living in Bryan is arrested for allegedly killing his own daughter at their Florida home in December 2011.

Bryan Police Detectives arrested 30-year-old Shawn Baxter at his home on Tatum Street Wednesday at request of the Pasco County Sheriff's Office in Florida.

Pasco County Sheriff's officials in Florida say his two-month-old daughter Katie Baxter died of blunt force trauma to her head after she was found at their home in Spring Hill, Florida in December 2011.

He had not been arrested until now as the case is being presented to a grand jury in Florida.

Neighbors tell us Baxter had moved into the home in Bryan with his mother several months back.

He was also a registered sex offender convicted of two separate offenses including lewd exhibition and sexual battery in Manatee, Florida in 2000 and 2005 respectively.

He was also convicted of failing to register as a sex offender in Florida in June 2006.

News 3 will bring you the latest Thursday evening.