Flores-Chaired Committee Backs Ryan for House Speaker

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WASHINGTON - The major Republican group chaired by a local congressman has put its support behind Paul Ryan's candidacy for Speaker of the House.

Thursday, Congressman Bill Flores of Bryan announced the Republican Study Committee, which he chairs, would endorse the Wisconsin representative.

The RSC is made up of 170 House Republicans.

Flores announced last week he would run for House Speaker, but only if Ryan decided not to run. In a statement, Flores said he's confident Ryan is the right person to lead the House.

"I personally worked closely with Paul on the House Budget Committee from 2011-2014 to craft four transformational budgets and believe he will lead with the bold, fresh ideas that America needs," Flores said in a statement.

Later Thursday, Ryan told colleagues in a letter that he was officially a candidate for the post. Much of the decision was dependent on the House Freedom Caucus' support. Ryan said the group of 40 conservative House members needed to show its support if Ryan were to want to serve in the office.

The Texas Republican delegation also lent its support to Ryan Thursday.