Former Deputy Constable Sentenced in Kidnapping, Assault

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BRYAN A former Brazos County deputy constable will serve prison time on a pair of charges from 2011.

Agustin Rubio pleaded guilty Friday in a Brazos County court and was sentenced to eight years in prison on a pair of charges, one for kidnapping, the other for an attempted sexual assault.

The two, eight-year sentences will run at the same time.

Rubio was first arrested in late August 2011 for the kidnapping of a woman on Fraternity Row in College Station. Rubio placed his victim in handcuffs and in the back of his patrol car, but instead of taking her to jail, left her in a parking lot on Wellborn Road.

Following his arrest on the kidnapping charge, a woman came forward saying that in June 2011, Rubio had arrested her and taken her inside the Brazos County Administration Building so she could use the restroom. He was accused of following her into the restroom and attempting to assault her.

Rubio, who had resigned after the first arrest, was put behind bars a second time in mid-September.