Former U.S. Ambassador To Iraq Ryan Crocker Weighs In On Current Crisis

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BRYAN - President Barack Obama has ruled out deploying U.S. troops to Iraq for direct combat, but he's considering sending a small number of Special Forces.

It's an idea Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker, supports.

Crocker is now Dean of the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M.

Crocker is worried that what's happening in Iraq could lead to another terror attack here at home.

A growing Sunni insurgency in Iraq is causing concern in the Middle East and here at home.

"This is Al-Qaeda on steroids," warned Ryan Crocker, who is former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq and current Dean of the Bush School of Government.

He worries this new terrorist threat could lead to a new 9/11 on American soil.

"We have to believe that we are in their target deck. This is a matter of America's national security," he said.

He's not surprised by the Sunni militants attempt to topple the Shia-backed government.

Crocker says maintaining democracy takes time.

"You just don't get the functioning institutionalized democracy in a few years. We've got our own problems that led to the American Civil War because we didn't get it quite right. We are hard-wired into the Iraqi political system. It won't really function with out us," Crocker explained.

While Baghdad isn't in any immediate danger of falling, Crocker warns the Obama Administration must act quickly.

''We've got to bring that high level engagement back to the field to bring the Iraqis together, because if they are divided and they are divided now then the victory is going to be Al-Qaeda," he said.

Frightening developments that have all the world watching.

Ambassador Crocker is also in close contact with the Obama Administration offering advice on the current situation.

Crocker says he would also support air strikes as a response to the crisis in Iraq.