'GigaSpeed' Internet Soon to be Offered in B/CS

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TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY - Bryan/College Station will become the first "GigaSpeed" community in Texas, according to local leaders and Suddenlink.

In an announcement on the Texas A&M campus Monday, it was revealed that ultra high-speed internet up to one gigabit per second will be available by the summer of 2015.

Suddenlink recently announced "Operation GigaSpeed," a plan to invest a quarter-of-a-billion dollars to upgrade services across its company. Bryan/College Station will be the first market to upgrade.

"Bryan-College Station is one of the largest communities we serve, and it's a particular pleasure for us to announce that it will be the first in Texas to get Suddenlink's 1 Gigabit service," said Suddenlink Southwest Region Senior Vice President of Operations Dave Gilles in a statement. "What's more, we'll be making this great new service available to all customers in Bryan-College Station, not just to a few chosen neighborhoods."

James Benham, a College Station city councilmember and the chairman of the Research Valley Technology Council, said it's a huge win for the community, including businesses.

"Plain and simple, if your success relies on ultra-high-speed connectivity, Bryan-College Station just became your best option in Texas," he said in the statement.

Local customers will be able to subscribe to a 500 megabit service in the early part of 2015. By summer, the gigabit offering will be made available, which will be about ten times faster than what is currently offered.


A big announcement today that could pave the way for future business growth in Bryan-College Station.

Suddenlink plans to invest a quarter of a billion dollars to make Internet service in our community a whole lot faster.

We'll be the first in the state to receive Suddenlink's upgrade, and this will make this area competitive with other cities in Texas.

At Laser Answering, customer service agents answer the phones 24 hours, seven days a week.
The agents take down the messages and email them on to the right people.

This local company that has been waiting for this ultra high speed internet service to be offered across Bryan College Station.

President Walter Hinkle says they have a lot of customers all across the United States, and they have a lot of bandwidth requirements.
Hinkles says, "In this market there are very few locations you can go to get a direct fiber connection."

But come next summer, that will all change. Suddenlink will be offering up to one gigabit per second. That's twenty times faster than what's being offered now. To put this in perspective, with a gigabit of high speed internet, you could download a full-length H-D movie in seven seconds.

College Station City Councilman James Benham says, "the content we are delivering and using demands hi-speed-hi-quality internet and Suddenlink is willing to step up with private dollars."

Jim Jett with Aggieland Business park says the giga-speed internet service will make a difference in the types of companies that look to relocate to the Brazos Valley. "I will be talking to a different tier of potential tenants, that are very bright people that will be needing this connectivity, they will be inventing things I haven't even heard of," says Jett.

Benham says the new ultra high speed internet is vital for keeping our local economy strong. "What I am really concerned about is not just recruiting people to come here but I am more concerned with keeping the businesses that start here; here," says Benham.

Making the ultra high speed internet service a win win for those who live here now and in the future.

This project is a collaborative effort between The Research Valley Partnership, Suddenlink, the cities of Bryan and College Station and Texas A&M.