Gov. Elect Greg Abbott Pledges to Sign Open Carry Bill

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Shootings like the one at KCEN are one reason people on each side of the gun debate get fired up it.

Texas allows you to carry concealed handguns with a license, but it's one of seven states that bans you from openly carrying a gun in plain sight.

But that could change next year. If Texas embraces open carry, it will be rolling back a 140-year ban.

Open carry drew wide support in 2014 and at least six bills have already been filed for the upcoming legislative session, which starts in January.

And Governor Elect Greg Abbott has pledged to sign one into law if sent to his desk.

The discussion over open carry of guns in public remains one of the most heated in the gun debate today.

Currently Texas, California, Florida, New York, Illinois, South Carolina, and District of Columbia do not allow open carry. Twelve states allow open carry with a permit. The rest allow it with or without a license.

Open carry opponents, like the Texas Chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America sent us this statement: " Our state does not currently do enough to ensure the safety of Texans. Texas' lax gun laws mean that criminals and other dangerous people are able to easily access firearms. "

While the group " Open Carry Texas" - tell News 3 " Open Carry Texas feels that Texas law unfairly discriminates against those who do not have the financial means to obtain a CHL. At it's core, this issue is about Texans having to ask permission to open carry a handgun that they have proved they are legally able to own. "

Despite the early momentum, there are no guarantees open carry will pass. Most of the open carry bills already filed for the upcoming session would still require a license.

Governor-elect Abbott told News 3 in a statement that: "I respect the legislative process and anticipates a thorough and robust debate on this issue and others. I will sign whichever open carry bill withstands the legislative process and makes it to my desk."