Grass Fire Burns Four Acres in Brazos County

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Tense moments Saturday afternoon in Brazos County after a brush fire gets out of control.

Around four acres of land was burned near a home on Kemp Road across from the Texas A&M O.D. Butler Animal Science Complex.

The homeowner told us she was burning a dead tree stump when the wind picked up and caused the fire to get out of control.

Five firefighters from Brazos County Precinct 4 and the College Station Fire Department arrived on scene and put the fire out soon after.

"We got a handle on it real quick. Luckily it was some very short vegetation so it wasn't moving very fast. We were able to get a hold of it real quick. We had three trucks get on scene," said Lieutenant Will Maddux, with Brazos County Precinct 4 Fire Department.

Brazos County is currently not under a burn ban.