Grass Fires in Northeast Brazos County Threatening Neighborhood

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*10 P.M. Update*

High winds Monday afternoon helped spread a Brazos County grassfire to more than 100 acres, at times threatening some nearby homes.

This happened off Dilly Shaw Tap Road in Northeastern Brazos County.

The fire is now contained but this battle was a hard one to win.

Flames burned out of control on pasture land all afternoon, threatening a nearby dairy.

Fortunately the winds blew the fire away from neighboring homes in Fawn Lake Estates.

Mike Malcuit didn't know what was going on until he looked out his front window.

"Noticed that the entire area that you see in front of you here as far as we can see was totally charred and there was a still a good blaze going over here off to the left," said Mike Malcuit, a Dilly Shaw Tap Road resident.

The Texas Forest Service provided helicopter assistance by air as well as ground support.

Multiple fire crews responded.

"Even a little tiny grassfire there is so much dry fuel that it can just take off starting burning real quick and with the wind it's just gonna start pushing that fire real fast," Joe Fairchild, with Precinct 4 Volunteer Fire Department.

Not only did firefighters have to contend with winds that whipped over 30 miles an hour but they also had to battle record high temperatures of around 98 degrees.

Gerald Burnett was the incident commander late in the afternoon and said the fire was contained around 4:30 with no buildings destroyed.

"A lot of wind pushing the fire low humidity making it really hard to slow it down it took a lot of effort a lot of firefighters to really get it under control," said Gerald Burnett, Fire Chief for Brazos County Precinct 3 Volunteer Fire Department.

"Never seen it like this, never this close to home obviously we've seen it in the surrounding areas the last couple of years given droughts but I've never seen this this close," said Mike Malcuit.

A close call that would have easily caused more destruction had it not been for quick acting efforts by firefighters, and property owners alike.

No one was injured in the blaze.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

*Previous Story*

The fire near Dilly Shaw Tap Road has been mostly contained. Fire crews are now focusing their resources on another fire near Tabor Road in Bryan.

Firefighters from Bryan and College Station Precincts 1-4 as well as Volunteer fire crews from Wheelock and Blackjack were called to an area near Dilly Shaw Tap Road and Fawn Lake Drive, just north of Highway 21 East.

Dilly Shaw Tap Road remains closed from FM 2776 to Marino Rd.

The fire near the Lilly Dairy has been contained and crews have moved on to other hot spots. The grass fire grew to 90-100 acres and earlier threatened the structure. No buildings were damaged.

Firefighters say the flames have jumped several roads in the area and are requesting aerial support. Bulldozers have arrived on the scene in addition to a chopper provided by the Texas Forest Service.

When firefighters first arrived the blaze was about 15 acres large, but strong, Southerly winds have quickly spread the fire. The fire has now spread to 90-100 acres. Smoke could be seen from across Brazos County.

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