Plastic Gun Leads to Tense Moments on A&M Campus

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10pm Update

Reports of a gunman on campus cause quite a scare at Texas A&M.

Police held a news conference Thursday evening at Texas A&M University Police headquarters to brief media with updates.

Sgt. Allan Baron with the Texas A&M University Police Department said the incident started around 3:45pm when a bus driver on campus spotted a man carrying what appeared to be an AK-47. Officials say the weapon was actually a plastic replica AK-47. The man carrying it went into university buildings, including Rudder Tower.

Baron said officers were immediately dispatched to Rudder Tower and searched in the area for the man. He said within minutes officials sent another Code Maroon message to the community letting them know that a suspect has not been caught.

UPD officers received a tip from someone who said they knew who the man was with the replica gun. The man was tracked to his Bryan apartment where investigators took him to UPD for questioning.

Around 5:30p.m. Thursday the Texas A&M campus community was notified with a third Code Maroon alert that gave an all clear to the campus.

Police officials will not release the identity of the man but have said he is a Texas A&M student and is not in the Corps of Cadets.

UPD officials said they are continuing to investigate the incident to see if any charges will need to be filed. They will also be checking to see whether any university policies or rules were broken in the incident.


* Update* Code Maroon reports all clear. Person with replica weapon identified. No danger, resume normal activity. A&M police say the man was carrying a 'all plastic' M-16 training rifle.

A&M officials say despite tweets and reports from other media outlets, they can not confirm that anyone has been detained.

News 3's Alex Villarreal is live on the campus of Texas A&M and says the streets are eerily quiet with the exception of Law enforcement officers from across the Brazos Valley who have gathered on campus.

4:36pm No armed subject found at this time. Police are still searching. Continue to shelter in place. Bus pickup to exit campus- GO TO LEWIS ST BEHIND DUNCAN DINING HALL.

4:35pm Police are still searching. Continue to shelter in place.

Thursday afternoon, Texas A&M activated their Code Maroon notification system alerting students to a gunman spotted on campus.

The A&M campus is not on lock down as of yet, according to spokesman Jason Cook, who says a bus driver spotted an armed individual and reported it to University Police.

However, students calling into News 3 say they have been locked in buildings across campus and some students weren't being let in certain buildings.

Here's an brief description of the armed individual, according to scanner reports:
-white male
-wearing olive or green shirt and shorts
-wearing back pack
-carrying an AK-47

Another report of a gunman was called in from West Campus shortly after the first sighting. Authorities do not have a clear description on that individual.

The following Code Maroon message was sent out at 4 p.m.:

"Code Maroon: Sighting of armed subject at Rudder Tower. SEEK SAFE SHELTER until further notice."

Scanner reports say that University Police have set up a command center near Rudder Tower. According to reports, the College Station SWAT Team has been activated.

News 3 has a crew on the way to campus and will have more information as it becomes available.

News 3's Clay Falls, Cody Lillich, Michael Oder, Meredith Stancik and Alex Villarreal also contributed to this report.