Hearne City Manager Indicted; Investigation Continues

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HEARNE - Pee Wee Drake said he knows he's been indicted, but said he did nothing wrong.

The Robertson County District Attorney's office says a grand jury decision came earlier this week to indict City Manager Pee Wee Drake. The 78 year old, who retired as city manager at the end of July and is now the "consulting" city manager for Hearne, was told Wednesday that the sealed indictment contained his name.

In August, former city council candidate Rodrick Jackson presented a stack of financial records claiming Drake's city credit card was used to buy about $400 worth of football tickets for council member Mike Werlinger in December 2012 and early 2013.

There were also claims city funds were used to pay city employee Nathan Rodriguez while he was jailed in January for driving drunk in his personal vehicle. Drake has said Rodriguez was paid for vacation and sick time he accrued while working at Hearne.

Robertson County D.A. Coty Siegert tells News 3 the part of the case involving transactions is closed since the two year statute of limitations has run out and Councilman Werlinger apparently repaid at least one of the tickets last month during the investigation.

Jackson hopes the continuing investigation will bring other city officials who may have been involved to justice."I think it's a shame that Mr. Drake is taking all the blame when it's really not all his fault."