Hero The Calf Walking Again With Prosthetic Legs

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas A little calf with a lot of guts is bringing inspiration to the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine.

Hero lost two of his hooves last year due to frostbite and is now walking again with the help of prosthetic legs.

Hero is a little guy but has a big personality.

He's come a long way and walking once again after losing his back hooves to frostbite.

He loved his taste of an interview, when he licked our News 3 microphone to our surprise.

Last year Kitty Martin of Selah Ranch All Animal Rescue based in Hearne came to his aid after he was found frozen to a field in Augusta County, Virginia last April.

"Oh my God I can't put it into words this was worth everything," said Martin.

She helped nurse him back to health in Virginia before bringing him here to the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine Large Animal Hospital in November.

"We almost lost him along the way. He went critical he was in ICU for a day or two I believe here. And then they proceeded to do the surgery and everything and I'm amazed and I'm pleased and this is the best dadgum school in the world in my opinion," said Martin.

Ashlee Watts is a Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine Assistant Professor in Large Animal Surgery and says Hero's the first large animal they've put two prosthetic legs on.

"So he's been in these prosthetics since the first of the year and he's doing very well in them. He's up and walking around, lays down, eats his hay, chews his cud just like a normal (bull)," said Ashlee Watts, D.V.M. and Ph.D.

Kitty Martin tells us she gave him the name Hero as a sign of encouragement for everything he's had to go through.

"I'm just excited for his future. I want him to work with wounded warriors and children with special needs. I think everything he's been through and the spirit that he's come through everything. I think he'd be an encouragement to people," she said.

A happy outcome for this brave bovine.

Hero will be able to head home from the hospital later this week and will be going to an undisclosed location for his safety.

His owner says she expects his total care to cost about $25,000.

We have a link to the Selah Ranch All Animal Rescue Facebook Page attached in the related links section.