High Speed Rail Open House In Bryan Monday Night

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BRYAN - Plans are on the fast track to build a high speed rail system from Houston to Dallas.

It would cut the ground travel time in half.

The private company pushing the plan is leaning for a route that's about 20 miles east of Bryan-College Station.

High speed trains like the ones you see in Japan could soon be used in Texas if the Texas Central Railway's vision comes to fruition.

More than 100 people gathered at the Brazos Center in Bryan to find out about the plan to connect Dallas to Houston in less than 90 minutes on trains traveling as fast as 205 miles-per-hour.

"This can be a transformational technology that just brings us all closer together," said Robert Eckels, who is the President of Texas Central High Speed Railway and a former Harris County Judge.

He says after looking at nine potential routes, it's likely the railway would run 15 to 20 miles east of Bryan-College Station.

"We would be serving this community through a shuttle service until in the long term when there could be direct train service into the community," he explained.

Texas Central Railway says this would all be privately funded. The trains could be running by 2021.

During public comments College Station Mayor Pro-Tem Karl Mooney encouraged developers to bring the trains through B/CS.

Brazos County Judge Duane Peters says the idea would be a big benefit.

"If we can get a stop close enough to Bryan / College Station that you know we could have a shuttle or whatever go over, it's great news," said Peters.

The trains would be fenced off and elevated in sections running on electricity and wouldn't have railroad crossings for cars.

The two preferred routes come close to Janet Jones' home in Flynn.

She worries about the trains being a terror target and the tracks cutting off her property in Leon County.

"We have a problem of a lot of roads will dead end and there's no access for us to get out and most of our county roads are dirt roads," said Janet Jones.

A final route is expected to be decided by next fall.

The Texas-based company has domestic and international investors with support from the Japanese Train Company, JR Central Railways.

The project could cost more than $10 billion.

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Imagine a train trip from Dallas to Houston in 90 Minutes.

The Texas Central Railway is a proposed rail route that would do just that and plans are on display in Bryan Monday night.

An open house is happening Monday night and organizers want to hear your thoughts on the plan.

What we are talking about is a bullet train from Dallas to Houston that could go as fast as 205 miles per hour and you can see some of the plans for yourself Monday night.

If it happens, Texas could be the first place in the Western Hemisphere to have trains this fast.

They would be built using Japanese technology and a video presentation from Texas Central Railway shows what the project could look like.

Brazos County is one of the routes the company has been studying but there are still questions about the impact for landowners along the rail line.

The Texas-based private company behind the project hopes people will stop by Monday evening to learn more.

They would also plan to have the trains run every 30 minutes every day of the week out of Dallas and Houston for about the same cost as an airline ticket.

Officials with the Texas Central Railway says this could be a reality by 2021.

We will have a recap of the presentation coming up Monday at 10.

The program is happening Monday, October 27th at the Brazos Center located at 3232 Briarcrest Dr. in Bryan.

Open house: 4:30 - 6:30 P.M.
Presentation: 6:30 - 7:00 P.M.
Public comment session: 7:00 - 8:00 P.M.