Horse Sanctuary Falls on Hard Times

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MONTGOMERY, Texas A horse sanctuary, dedicated to helping abandoned and injured horses, is in need of a little help themselves.

Kat Matrician founded the Spirit Acres Farm near Montgomery in 2003. Since then, she's taken in horses from all around. One of those horses, spirit, was found seven years ago, abandoned on the side of the road.

"When she was a baby, she was born over in the Sugar Land area. And at one day old, she found herself lying in the middle of four lanes of highway 59," said Matrician.

There are about 50 horses on the 30-acre farm now. All of them with a story similar to Spirit's.

"When there's a need, that's a really good reason to do something," said Matrician.

Matrician says the sanctuary takes in horses in need, helps them to get better and eventually tries to adopt them out.

"They're like children. Great big children," said Matrician.

Recently, the Spirit Acres Farm has run into some financial trouble.

"What we face is a crisis of having enough food, hay, medicines and all of those things," said Matrician. "So that basically gets down to money."

The sanctuary relies on donations to survive, and Kat said those donations simply haven't been coming in.

"The horses always eat. Everything is good, but it will be a day to day process."

Matrician said she has big plans for the sanctuary, including offering tours of the facility as a way of educating the public.

To learn more about how you can help, click on the link below.