Leon County Fire at 70% Containment

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7AM Update

Containment is at 70% as of Wednesday morning.

Firefighters are focusing their efforts around County Roads 428 and 427.

No time table has been set for when residents will be allowed to return home.

11: 30 PM Update
KBTX previously reported that the fire in Leon County has been fully contained, but we're learning that information is incorrect.

According to County Commissioner, Dean Player, the fire is not even closer to being contained as if 11:30 Tuesday evening.

A lot of residents are still without power and conditions are dangerous.

Residents that have already evacuated should stay away.

Firefighters continue to work hotspots through the county, some of them significant.


Firefighters have the upper hand on a wildfire that scorched 5,000 acres in Leon County. The fire is in the towns of Concord and Robins.

While that fire is not spreading, rekindling areas and hot spots are keeping firefighters busy.

Emergency crews tell us that the area is still very dangerous, and they are emphasizing the mandatory evacuation for residents who live in Concord and Robins.

Evacuees from Leon County are told to go to the shelter set up at the 1st Baptist Church in Centerville.

Emergency responders say they have shelters set up across the county in case that shelter fills up.