Little Girl Makes a Big Difference, One Cereal Box at a Time

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A little girl in the Brazos Valley is proving age is just a number--especially when it comes to making a big difference.

"It just poof went into my mind," says third grader, Lauren Fix. I'm like oh my gosh mom can I have a food drive and she was like sure and I was like: Yes!"

"For her birthday party this year she had a movie party and she had 16 of her little kids from her class come and they all brought cereal," says Michelle Fix. "She initially wanted to do canned foods but we ended up going with cereal because it was a little bit bigger and more exciting than the cans."

"This is a very special event for Lauren, for her birthday, she gave up a whole lot to help others," explains Rhonda Behrens, Distribution Manager of the Brazos Food Bank in Bryan.

"It was kind of neat for us as parents to take a simple concept that we talk about at home and put it into practice and you never know when they listen,' says Michelle Fix.

"Okay is that all?" asks Lauren Fix as she and her family unload the bags of cereal from the car.

"They are asking me why did you think of this? I mean why don't you want presents? And I always tell them the reason why I don't want presents is because well, I'm over the top with presents I barely have a place to put all of my toys," says Lauren Fix.

"Most of them I have, well, cheerios." says Lauren as she shows News 3 all of the cereal she collected for her birthday. "There are a ton of cheerios! There is chocolate covered cheerios, there is apple cinnamon cheerios..."

"My cousins, my grandma, and my aunt all went over the top. My aunt, she brought in at least three big boxes of cereal and it was so wild!' illustrates Lauren Fix. "It was a little over 30 boxes once I was done with my family members and then it all added up with my friends."

"The biggest concept is to kind of understand the value of what they are really getting for their birthday," says Michelle Fix. "You know, do you really need more? And the second concept is what you can do with just a little bit. She didn't get a thousand boxes of cereal, but really she understands now how much 70 boxes of cereal will feed."

"Lauren brought in 90 pounds of cereal which is a wonderful, wonderful item that we cannot keep enough here in stock for our agency," explains Behrens. "We give a box to each family so that will feed 90 families."

The Brazos Food bank relies heavily on donations. Behren says, "Every little bit counts, we distributed almost four-million pounds of food last year and that food comes in and goes out all through the year."

If you would like to donate food to the Brazos Food Bank you can find directions and a map below. You can also call: (979) 779-3663.