Local Residents React to President Obama's Executive Action

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There have been mixed reactions to the president's plan on gun control, including in our community.

Some local residents say President Obama needs to do more on gun control.

Local gun owner David Goodson said, "I think it should be more than what they have now because too many people are getting guns that shouldn't have them."

Others think the president is over-stepping his rights.

"It's not to protect people," said gun owner, C.H. Harvey. "If they were going to protect people, then the cities and the states that have the most onerous gun laws wouldn't be the ones with the highest murder rates."

President Obama has been criticized for his executive actions before with undocumented immigrants. Now comes another round of questions asking if he's overstepping his authority.

Local attorney Shane Phelps said, "Anytime a president acts to issue an executive order that implicates a constitutional right, as this one clearly does -- the Second Amendment -- then the issue of whether the president has gone too far will come up, and obviously there will be people who will be on one side of the issue, on the position he has gone too far, and of course, his position to align with folks who are aligned with him politically are going to say the exactly the opposite."

President Obama's proposal calls for expanded background checks. Barry Burdett with Burdett and Son Outdoor Adventure Shop says they will continue running background checks during their gun sales.

"When a customer comes and wants to buy a firearm, there's a background check that we do," said Burdett. "It's called a 4473 which is a standardized government form."

After processing the information, the database either allows the person to purchase the firearm, delays their purchase until a background check is clear, or denies the individual because of criminal history.

The president's proposal will require gun dealers to be licensed and to conduct background checks.