Local Teams Helping Flood Victims In Wimberley

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WIMBERLEY- Disaster response teams from Brazos County are still in Wimberley where the search continues for eight people missing following a weekend of flash floods.

Texas Task Force 1 deployed from College Station and began assisting with evacuations and rescues on Sunday.

The team on Thursday remained in Hays County to assist with search and recovery efforts.

“The mission of this team is to provide hope and closure to those affected by these storms,” said Texas Task Force 1 spokesman Will Welch.

Authorities say more rain in the coming days could hamper their search efforts.

Hays County emergency management coordinator Kharley Smith says more rain is expected Thursday night, and it could shift debris fields and complicate efforts to find entangled victims.

Welch says the team will remain in Wimberley for as long as needed.

If necessary, the team will rotate out with Texas Task Force 2 based in Dallas.

In addition to equipment and manpower, the task force also uses trained dogs to help with search and rescue operations.

That’s why A&M’s Veterinary Emergency Team is also deployed to the area.

“Those dogs work in extremely hazardous environments There is debris and water with stuff that has drained into it so they need veterinary support,” said VET spokeswoman Angela Clendenin.

The veterinarians monitor the canines for any heat-related issues and also care for other animals that have been in the path of disasters.

“We also provide care for livestock and wildlife,” said Clendenin. “In this trip alone we’ve looked at an owl, rabbit and baby deer.”

A&M’s Veterinary Emergency Team says pet owners should always have a disaster plan in place that includes the family pets.

That plan should include an emergency to-go kit for the animals.

Pet owners should also consider getting a microchip with emergency contact information put into pets.