Local Firefighters Climb 110 Stories In Honor of 9/11 Victims

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A very unique kind of memorial service was held this morning for the anniversary of September 11th.

Bryan Firefighters created a memorial service filled with reflection.

"When you lose 343 firemen in one event like that, it's very meaningful. The event. It's one of these things we will never forget," said Battalion Chief Jimmy Davis with the Bryan Fire Department.

After the traditional rituals, about 24 firefighters stepped it up literally.

"It's nothing compared to the World Trade Center. This is something that really puts it into perspective for our guys to be able to go out here and do this in honor of them," said Davis.

The 7-story Varisco Building in downtown Bryan was climbed 15 times by dozens of firefighters, and then one time to the 5th floor and back for a grand total of 110 stories. That's equivalent to the height of the World Trade Center.

"After about the 5th floor, you start thinking wow, I'm not even halfway there. Then once we get to the top, we have nothing to do except come down. They had to start doing their real jobs. It's pretty eye opening how tough it can be," said Jordan Gallagher, a Bryan firefighter who climbed at total of 110 stories.

The task was an experience the firefighters will always remember, all in honor of those who they will never forget.