Local Restaurants Reward Customers for Eating Out

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It's a well known fact that folks here in the Brazos Valley like to go out to eat.

Every night area restaurants are packed with people, and especially during special events in town.

How would you like to get a free meal just for eating local? The Taste of B/CS is a new group that does just that, rewarding patrons for eating at locally owned restaurants.

"We're unique. We have local flair. We have local owners and we make up a pretty significant culture," said Wade Beckman owner of the Shipwreck Grill in Bryan.

Wade recently launched the Taste of B/CS. A program that rewards customers for eating at locally owned businesses.

"People come and we swipe their card, add the amount total and for every $150 they spend, they get $10 back on their card," said Beckman.

"Everybody pretty much wanted to get on board from the get go," said Cody Whitten, owner of J. Cody's Steak and Barbeque.

J. Cody's is just one of the 23 local restaurants involved with the Taste of B/CS. Whitten sees the program as a good chance to feature the local cuisine.

"We have to compete with the chains and the chains have the support from their company to market nationwide. We don't have that ability, but as a group, we can come together and market our group to the community," said Whitten.

"There has been an influx of chain restaurants into the community. There's nothing wrong with chain restaurants and they certainly have a value and also provide the community, but it makes it a little bit more conducive for us to come together and create a support structure amongst ourselves to go out and promote ourselves to the public," said Beckman.

A free program that comes with free food all for fulfilling your taste buds with fruitful flavors.

You can sign up for the Taste of B/CS restaurant reward program at any of the participating restaurants and for more information about the Taste of B/CS program, you can check out the link below.