Long-Awaited Road Improvements Moving Forward in College Station

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COLLEGE STATION More road improvements could soon relieve traffic headaches in College Station. The intersection near George Bush Drive and Wellborn Road can be a nightmare for motorists especially when coupled with passing trains which can delay traffic at the four-way intersection for as long as ten minutes. That could soon change.

TXDOT district engineer Lance Simmons says they are moving forward with their grade separation project. A plan that's been in the works for roughly 15 years. Starting in 2017, constructions crews will dig under the road to lower George Bush Drive to where traffic will flow underneath Wellborn Road. "The movements on Wellborn would basically stay the same elevation as the railroad," says Simmons. "They would go up and over George Bush, so you would remove quite a bit of traffic out of the signalized intersection."

Simmons says the project will improve congestion and allow both drivers and pedestrians to navigate through the intersection safely while removing conflict with trains. "With roadways crossing trains, you always have the potential for incidents there. Not to mention sometimes a train can be stopped and that could certainly make it hazardous for cars even emergency vehicles responding when the gates are down."

The 40 million dollar project will also require TXDOT to buy then tear down the Varsity II apartments at George Bush and Wellborn in order to create access bridges and walkways for pedestrians and bicyclists. "We're trying to do as much aesthetics as we can to make it visually pleasing. We understand this will be an inconvenience for the traveling public."

A second railroad track will be added along the existing track on Wellborn road. The project again is set to begin in 2017 and will take roughly two years.