Luxury Apartments Changing Skyline of Northgate

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From rooftop pools, restaurants and retail all in the place you call home, the skyline of Northgate across from Texas A&M continues to grow.

New luxury student apartments are being built.

News 3 got a hard-hat tour of The Stack student apartments and saw the amenities residents will enjoy there as well as the new 18-story Rise at Northgate.

The newest landmarks of Northgate seemed to have almost popped up overnight as the six story Stack and 18-story Rise open for living next semester, with state of the art living and even things like 6th floor rooftop pools.

"I'm an engineer and so living right across the street from campus is a really nice thing," said Texas A&M student Aidan Casey.

He signed up for a four person suite at The Stack two weeks ago. The fully furnished units will include retail, parking garage, granite countertops and stainless steal appliances.

"While it is a little bit more expensive my parents are actually the ones who chose this place just because they think they are getting the most for their money," said Casey.

A four bedroom at The Stack costs $675 a person per month while a one bedroom $975.

The Rise at Northgate has one bedrooms for $1,100 per person, while a four or six bedroom costs $775 per person monthly.

Jack Culpepper is the developer and an owner for The Stack and says there's a lot of demand with many already signing up.

"People liking an urban, dense environment and a place where they can park and drive and walk and live. I think you're going to see more places like this around close to campus like this," said Culpepper.

Construction here at The Stack is running on schedule to be finished by July and when that happens they'll have 415 beds and 209 units.
And they expect to be at full occupancy within two years time.

R.J. Seager is another Texas A&M Student and will call The Stack home with his sister.

"I think this is a level of you know living that I haven't experienced before, you know I lived in the dorms for two years on campus," said Seager.

A new way to live and learn.

While The Rise and The Stack open this summer, the site of the imploded Plaza Hotel is becoming a multimillion dollar development of apartments, restaurants and retail.

That project is expected to be finished by the fall of next year.