New High Speed Internet Coming to College Station

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There's some competition coming to the high speed internet market in our area. The College Station City council recently approved an agreement with WireStar, a company that's set to bring faster internet service to the city.

A 10 year agreement between the city of College Station and WireStar is allowing the internet provider to lease spare, city-owned fiber optic cable. What does that mean for you?

City councilmember, James Benham, says, "The objective was to get competitive ultra high speed broad band.

Benham says a new internet provider likely means lower costs to consumers.

"Competition is good for prices and for consumers and for businesses and for this case having multiple choices is good for them. Our incumbent provider is doing a great job, but they're not always the best fit. It depends on the physical location and the type of business and the type of multi-family," says Benham.

That incumbent, Suddenlink, launched its own high-speed services this summer. Like Suddenlink, WireStar says it will allow users to download TV shows, songs, and movies in a matter of seconds.

In a statement late last week, WireStar's president said, "By tapping into the city's fiber network, we'll use the existing infrastructure as a catalyst to expand and reach residences and businesses more effectively to deploy our competitive internet services."

"Think about how much you freak out if you can't get on the internet... The panic moment when Facebook is down now multiply that times a thousand and that's what it's like for a business to not have the type of connectivity they need everyday to transmit gigantic files," says Benham.

Beyond business, WireStar's ultra high speed services will be made available for large apartment complexes. They say they're looking to expand to single family homes if there's enough demand in neighborhoods.

Wirestar says you can go to their website at and apply for the internet provider to come to your neighborhood.

WireStar will pay the city more than $21,000 in annual fees plus maintenance fees to lease the fiber optic cable.

The new internet service will offer download speeds up to 1 gigabit per second.