New Details On The Plaza Hotel Implosion

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Plans for demolition of the old Plaza Hotel in College Station are getting closer to being finalized, and it could be a spectacular event for the public.

The 17-story plaza will be wiped away next month. It will make way for a new multi-million dollar development of apartments, retail stores, and restaurants.

The Plaza Hotel has called the corner of Texas Avenue and University home since the 70s. For the past year it's been vacant and a target for vandals.

"It will be an event for the community,” said Veronica Morgan, who is the project civil engineer. She is with Mitchell and Morgan, the College Station civil engineering firm in charge of the implosion logistics.

Organizers, including city leaders, are making sure it's a show the public has a chance to see for free.

"The implosion itself is very short. Only 90 seconds. We will spend more time getting ready for it than it takes to happen,” said Morgan.

City officials from Bryan and College Station, along with TxDOT and Texas A&M University, are reviewing the implosion plan. The plan outlines suggested times, traffic issues, and how dust and debris will be controlled.

Morgan says the implosion will be in the morning and on a weekday. There will be sections allocated for the public.

“We have lots of people who talk about it and want to know when it is going to happen. It's kind of the big buzz around town. We understand that. We are going to make sure that we have a safe venue for people to watch and park,” Morgan said.

The hotel turned eyesore is scheduled to be reduced to rubble at the end of May.