Dad Who Yells at Kids on Bus for Bullying Daughter Apologizes

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It's a story that has created a national discussion on bullying. An angry father is caught on tape boarding a school bus and confronting the kids who were bullying his daughter.

Well, he finally had his day in court.

Mad dad James Jones on driven to an expletive-laced tirade aboard his daughter's school bus near Orlando, Florida after she was the victim of repeated bullying.

Jones was arrested for disorderly conduct for his outburst, but on Tuesday he reached a plea deal that will keep him from going to jail.

Jones' 12 year old daughter Chatari, who suffers from cerebral palsy, was continually taunted and bullied on her school bus. She says students spit on her and hit her with pencils. Her dad just snapped.

"It's just a very natural tendency to say not only am i going to protect my child, but I'm going to get that person who put her in harm's way," says Jeffery Gardere, contributor for

Jones apologized days later.

"I don't ask nobody to go on a bus and use the language that I used in front of children. I'd like to apologize," says James.

The story got national attention striking a chord with parents around the country who sent Jones notes of support and money to pay for his defense.

"A lot of parents were saying 'wow, this is not good what he did, but we get it, we understand," says Gardere.

And apparently, so did prosecutors. Instead of jail, Jones got probation, a $1,300 dollar fine, community service and he's required to attend anger management classes.

Jones faced four months in jail had he gone to trial and been convicted.