Officer Shot and Killed Serving Search Warrant in Burleson County

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BURLESON COUNTY, Texas An officer with the Burleson County Sheriff's Office was shot and killed serving a search warrant at a home in southern Burleson County.

Around 6 a.m. Thursday, eight Burleson County Sheriff Deputies were serving the search warrant at a mobile home off County Road 278, about 5 miles southwest of Snook.

At some point, investigators said, shots were fired and Sergeant Adam Sowders of Somerville was shot. It was later reported that he died from his injuries.

At least one person was arrested, but so far no word on any charges or who may have fired the shots.

Officials said Sowders did not have a wife or any children, but he did have family in the area. Sowders was also a volunteer fire fighter with the Somerville Fire Department.

The Sheriff’s Office is continuing their investigation of this incident with assistance from Department of Public Safety and many of the surrounding counties.