Oil Well Fire Injures Four in Madison County

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Four people have been injured in an oil storage tank fire in Midway, just east of Madisonville.

According to Navidad Resources Management, the well is located on the Ferguson Prison Unit property, and the fire was put out quickly.

"Four service company personnel were apparently painting the tank batteries at the time the fire was ignited," a company statement said. "Three of the four service company personnel suffered burns and helicopter ambulances were dispatched and have flown the three men to the hospital for treatment. The other man was being treated at location. There was no spill of fluids outside of the tank containment area."

The burn victims were taken to Galveston.

One person reportedly jumped off the rig 20-25 feet off the ground during the incident and suffered a broken leg and/or ankle.

A TDCJ spokesperson says Navidad has leased mineral rights so they can drill on the property, and that the people injured are from Universal Oil Field Services out of Madisonville.

The well itself is located about a quarter of a mile from the Trinity River in a farm area of the prison.