Olsen Field Officially Starts $24 Million Renovation

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When Olsen Field opened in 1978, folks were digging it.

"Oh yeah! This was state of the art! This was the place to play," said Kyle Brock, who grew up in College Station.

Fast forward over 30 years later and people now have a different view.

"Olsen Field is looking a little sad. Some of the cracks in all the concrete and so forth. It needs some work," said Aggie baseball fan Kevin Slaten.

Texas A&M Athletic Director Bill Byrne was very well aware of the stadium's need of a renovation.

"When Olsen Stadium was first built it was the jewel of college baseball. We had recruits coming out of our ears, all wanting to come play at a facility like that. Since then, and that was the seventies, we've had a lot of schools, in fact every other school in the Big 12 has either built a brand new facility or totally upgraded it. In fact, sometimes they've upgraded their facilities two or three times and we've had Olsen just sitting there," said Byrne.

The University of Texas completed a $27 million renovation back in 2008 and the stadium once known simply as Disch-Falk Field is now UFCU Disch-Falk Field. The University Federal Credit Union in Austin is contributing $13.1 million to the cost of renovations for naming rights and now Texas Tech is in the process of upgrading its facility.

"I think its needed it for some time now. Some of the other schools have upgraded their fields and built new fields and kind of left us a little bit behind. So this will be good for us, it'll put us back at the level we were when Olsen first opened up," said Brock.

The renovations to Olsen will cost $24 million and with the Blue Bell creamery pledging $7 million to the expansion, the new facility will be called Olsen Field at Blue Bell Park.

A new press box will be installed as well as suites, more bathrooms, and better handicapped access.

"Now we'll move ahead of the pack again. A quantum leap ahead of everybody else for the finest facility in the United States," said Byrne.

And with the Aggies heading to the Super Regional in Florida, the break down of Olsen Field is already underway.

"We need to get to Omaha, and this is going to help us get there," said Byrne.